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MINDS DreamTeam

Darryl C. Walls, Founder/CEO (Mental Intensity Naturally Determines Success)

No matter what sector of business, author, motivational speaker, radio co-host and Curriculum Developer of The Access2Success Educational Leadership Program, Darryl C. Walls has transformed non-performers to superstars, organizational groups to synergized teams, and ex-offenders to contenders. His brash speaking style and cutting edge leadership tools are highly engaging and sought after utilities. For over 25 years he has been effectively influencing others to achieve greatness by way of developing their servant leader qualities.


Mr. Walls oversees the creative direction and business development at MINDS Consulting. As an educator, former corporate manager, and peace officer, he provides training and a message that his audience calls "eye level - insightful - life changing - real" because he has successfully lived through the challenges and teaches others how to make a setback a setup for a comeback.


He holds a degree in Music from Kingsborough Community College, Anti-Bullying Certification from Montclair State University's Child Advocacy Program, and is a Certified Situational Leadership Program Trainer by the Center of Leadership Studies. 


He has two extraordinary children emerging as servant leaders: D. Christopher II and Amara A. Walls. See him here:



Dr. Roger A. Mitchell, MD, Associate

Dr. Mitchell is Washington DC's Chief Medical Examiner, the first African-American in FBI DNA laboratories and was the youngest Asst. State Medical Examiner (NJ). As a forensic pathologist, he provides what he calls "a voice for the voiceless" and the data needed to create programs and policy to decrease the problem of violence in our community.


Dr. Mitchell transfers his wealth of knowledge to our clients in areas such as Anger/Stress Management and Violence Prevention to name a few. His personal testimony on developing and sustaining strong father/son relationships through forgiveness is beyond reproach. As a master presenter, audiences marvel at his ability to deliver a simplified message to complex concepts. He holds a Bachelor's Degree from Howard University and earned his MD from New Jersey Medical School.


With the release of his new book titled "The Price of Freedom", Dr. Mitchell brings clarity, color, credibility, and connection to the value of a son's journey towards manhood. Roger A. Mitchell Jr. MD describes his pursuit of freedom from the shackles of fatherlessness. A freedom Roger A. Mitchell Jr. MD was able to achieve through service.


He is supported by his wife Angelique, and three beautiful children. See him here: 



Candace O. Kelley, JD, MS, Associate

Candace Kelley is a five-time Emmy nominated multimedia journalist. She has been at the cutting edge of major news, pop culture and legal issues for over 15 years. She is currently in post-production for the documentary Kosher and does on air work for Comcast/NBC Universal. Armed with a law degree, she has lectured and written widely on the issues of television, race, the law and empowering individuals. As an award-winning documentarian and writer she has been up close and personal with some of the most dynamic figures of our time. From Bobby Seale and Winnie Mandela to radio legend Wendy Williams and Sean Combs, she has covered a myriad of people with a genuine blend of curiosity and sharp wit.


Candace is well known for her work as a national correspondent for BET where she gave gavel-to-gavel legal coverage for the Sean “Puffy” Combs trial. A leading figure in the New Jersey/New York City area, for seven years she served as host of the only African-American issues oriented show in New Jersey giving millions of people insight into topics that traditional news outlets failed to address.


In addition to her commentating and publications, Candace is a Professor at Rowan University where she teaches a series of broadcast journalism courses and Communication Law (including intellectual property, libel law & FCC principles). Candace earned her Jurist Doctorate degree from Seton Hall University School of Law, her Masters of Science from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, and her BA from Howard University.


See her here:  


Lynette Pinckney, Associate

Lynette Pinckney is an educator, entrepreneur, leadership and empowerment advocate with over 20 years of experience in the classroom, marketplace and atmospheres of service. Armed with strategies for critical thinking and impassioned communication, she challenges her students, colleagues and business associates to employ creative, out of the box problem solving methods bolstered by the efficacy principle. Simply put, Ms. Pinckney teaches, “As a man (woman or organization) thinks, so is he (she or it).” Consequently, her perspective and message is strategic, innovative and resourceful.


She is a graduate of Hofstra University, former YMCA Director of Family & Community Programs, Mathematics Instructor and Service Representative at Christian Cultural Center.


Ms. Pinckney is a mother of three brilliant, responsible and gifted children, and currently resides in Bergen County, New Jersey.



Jo Ann Rountree, Associate

With nearly two decades of service at The Community YMCA in Monmouth County, Sr. Director of Community Outreach Jo Ann Rountree has been developing and coordinating programs, partnerships and other outreach initiatives directed at stressed income and minority communities. Constantly sought after to speak on the success of the YMCA Teen Achievers Initiative, Jo Ann launched three programs in three communities in less then one year. She currently oversees six Achievers Initiatives, Girls Circle program, Model Unitied Nation and Youth & Government programs in eleven different schools serviing teens from 15 communities whose core objectives are to promote the development of positive civic attitudes, skills and behaviors in teens and encouraging minority youth in the areas of academics, career exploration and leadership development.


Jo Ann is currently pursuing her Masters Degree at Thomas Edison College and is the proud mother of her daughter Jasmine who is attending the University of Anchorage.



Jon C. Walls, JD, MBA, Associate

Jon C. Walls is a results oriented senior finance and operations executive possessing over 15 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized businesses. Industry expertise includes financial services, e-commerce, mobile media and private equity. As a high integrity team player, his specialties include: Financial Planning & Analysis, Merger & Acquisition, Accounting, Investor Relations, Cash Management, Debt and Equity Capital Markets, Risk Management/Commercial Insurance.


Jon received his BA from Yale University, JD from Harvard Law School, and MBA from Harvard Business School. He and his wife Joy are highly favored with two epically talented daughters.



Gilda Rogers, Associate

Writer, Author, Journalist, Community Activist, and Fashion Stylist with over 30 years experience in the fashion and journalism industry, Gilda Rogers, is a Renaissance woman, who values people and thrives on being of service to others. The author of “Arrested Development: The State of Black Achievement and Education in Hip-Hop America,” Gilda understands that life is not about creating yourself, but rather recreating oneself.


With a strong sense of community, Gilda avails herself and is passionate about working with young people, our most vulnerable citizens. This led her to the field of education, which gives her the opportunity to teach as an adjunct history professor at Brookdale Community College. Gilda takes pride in redirecting those young minds who have been misled by misinformation and opening the closed minds of others. The question that Gilda Rogers puts forth to her students is this: “Either you’re part of the problem or you’re part of the solution, which one are you?” She is heralded as a Black History expert and brings attention to its importance in the overall fabric of a global society. Transferring that knowledge to youth and adult alike, equips them with a higher level of self-esteem and empowerment.


See her here:

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