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MINDS Leadership operates in tandem with our clients. We believe that we have the demonstrated ability of assisting others in achieving success. Our philosophy, passion, and process enables us to better connect with the people and culture of your organization to effectively guide them to sustained acceptable levels of performance.

“I was incredibly impressed with Mr. Walls when he described his leadership program to me. First, I was looking for an outlet for my older students to learn some leadership skills, learn about themselves, be exposed to different colleges and professions. I've seen an increased responsibility that many of my students have. Secondly, they've matured a great deal over our meetings (9 month program) and they're looking at their future as a brighter and more positive place to be. Students were chosen strategically, because they were high performing, and others that would benefit and I've seen great turnaround in all of them; grades and behavior improved and they viewed it (Access2Success Educational Leadership Program) as a great opportunity. Lastly, I wanted them taken out of their neighborhood and expose them to different surroundings and MINDS provided that for us. MINDS incorporated sports, hip-hop, school, poetry, and real-life situations in delivering the MINDS philosophy and I am really invested in this program in the future.”

Christopher Finn, Principal - Lady Liberty Academy Charter School

Darryl Walls' contribution (Leadership Defined) pushes this dynamic collection of informational interviews over the top! Readers can tap into the minds of a unique collection of real-world leadership experts. You've got to get this book!"

David E. Wright, President - Insight Publishing

“Mr. Walls' program demonstrates that when given the right tools, kids respond, and they have in a positive way.”

Terence Wilkins, Former Principal - Red Bank Middle School

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